Exoplanetary Scratchpad

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Nov 2014Edit

Gaia Could Discover 10,000s Planets TooEdit

Exozodiacal Light SurveyEdit

Delta Eridani System, Omicron Ceti System, Beta Pictoris System, HD 69830 System, HD 172555 System, Lamda Gemini System

Planetary Atmosphere Key to LifeEdit

Oct 2014Edit

Chaotic Births Could Spawn Retrograde PlanetsEdit

Rediscovering Venus to Detect Exo-EarthsEdit

Large Planets Can Drive Planets Inward to "Warm" Jupiter OrbitsEdit

Do Exocomets Rain on White Dwarves?Edit

Sep 2014Edit

Planets in Mercury-Like Orbits Could Host LifeEdit

Probing the "Venus Zone"Edit

Hot Jupiters Can Cause their Stars to WobbleEdit

Half of Planet Bearing Stars are BinaryEdit

What's Next for ExoplanetologyEdit

Do Planets Change ClassesEdit

Aug 2014Edit

Finding Earth 2.0Edit

Rotation Affects HabitabilityEdit

Radio Waves May Point to ExomoonsEdit

Jul 2014Edit

Clouds Could Keep Planet HabitableEdit

Oceans Could Keep Planet HabitableEdit

Diamonds Under Pressure Mimic Exoplanet CoresEdit

Very Close to Finding Earth's TwinEdit

Eccentricity Tides Could Keep Tectonics Active, Helping LifeEdit

Hunt for Eccentricity Inducing Brown DwarfsEdit

Name Exoworlds IAU EndeavorEdit

New Theories NeededEdit

Jun 2014Edit

Would Earth Look Habitable From Afar?Edit

Titan Sheds Light on Exoplanet AtmospheresEdit

Jovian Moons Shed Light on ExoplanetsEdit

Do we Have the Will to Find Exolife?Edit

Kepler's New MissionEdit

Exoplanet Life ChecklistEdit

Feb 2014Edit

Kepler's Second MissionEdit

Large Moon Not Needed for LifeEdit

Jan 2014Edit

PLATO Lead Candidate ESA MissionEdit

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