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Exoplanetary Scratchpad

[SysBP Img]

May 2016Edit

Potentially Habitable GassesEdit

Guesses As to Exoplanet AnnouncementEdit

Superplanet Surface GravitiesEdit

Search for Other EarthsEdit

Apr 2016Edit

Transiting Exoplanet Survey SatelliteEdit

Astroseismology Confirms Hot Super Earths Stripped of AtmosphereEdit

Infrared Radial Velocity Checks Against Visible RV False PositivesEdit

Finding ExomoonsEdit

Kepler To Search For Orphan PlanetsEdit

Kepler MicrolensingEdit

Salinity of Alien OceansEdit

Mar 2016Edit


Russian Exoplanet SearchEdit

Binary Starts Toss Exoplanets OutEdit

Feb 2016Edit

New Imaging Indexing Method Could Find PlanetsEdit

Hot JupitersEdit

Life on ExomoonsEdit

Earth is Cosmologically SignificantEdit

Exoplanet StatusEdit

Earth-like Planets Have Earth-like InteriorsEdit

Planets With Toow Much CO2 Could Lose OceansEdit

Book on How to Find ExoplanetEdit

Jan 2016Edit

Imaging ExoplanetsEdit

100 New K2 Planets ConfirmedEdit

Star System FormationEdit

Migrating Giant Planets May Eat MoonsEdit

Measuring Star Surface Gravity Relates to HabitabilityEdit

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