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The first White Dwarf found to have a dust disk in 1987 and remains the only one detected for a long time. This disk is now believed to be the result of an asteroid collision.

G29-38 System Web PagesEdit

G29-38 System ArtworkEdit

Reported to be a Variable White Dwarf (1974)Edit

G29-38 System In the NewsEdit

First Dust Disk Detected Around a White Dwarf Star (1987)Edit

UCLA researchers Ben Zuckerman and Eric Becklin first spotted the ring of debris.

Dust Disk Planets Simulated (Feb 2002)Edit

Dust Disk Viewed by Spitzer (2004)Edit

Dust Disk Result of Asteroid Collisions (2006)Edit

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System FactoidsEdit

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

G29-38 Star FactoidsEdit

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Planet Kuiper Belt Star FactoidsEdit

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Map of G29-38 SystemEdit

0.00 AU - <Star>
x.xx AU - <periapsis/semi-major-axis/apapsis of sample planet>
x.xx AU - <habitability zone/stability zone/disk feature positions>

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