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Destination for the Curiosity rover, located at the border of the Southern Highlands of Mars and the Northern Lowlands. It may have been a lake in the past. The rover will search for signs of present or past microbes in the surface. Central peak is higher than any mountain in the continental United States. The crater is bisected by a grand canyon like feature where water may have flowed. Landing site contains material that has washed down from the crater's rim.

Gale Crater Web PagesEdit

Gale Crater In the NewsEdit

One Candidate to Be Chosen Among Top Two (Jul 2011)Edit

Committee Fails to Select Landing Site (May 2011)Edit

See Mars, Eberswalde Crater, Mawrth Vallis, Holden Crater

Gale Crater Named Target of Curiosity (Aug 2011)Edit

Video Tour of Gale CraterEdit

Curiosity will Go (Aug 2011)Edit

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