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Royal Palace of the Gao Empire. Possibly the first discovered medieval royal castle discovered in West Africa.


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Gao is ruled by the Zuwa dynasty. These are the last days before the rulers convert to Islam. It is not clear if Gao is the capitol at this time.

Earlier HistoryEdit

  • At some point the capital of the Kingdom transfered to Gao.

Later HistoryEdit

  • 1009 - 15th Zuwa dynasty ruler Zuwa Kusoy becomes the first to convert to Islam
  • Late 1200's - Mali conquers Gao
  • 1591 - Morocco invades Songhay Empire, makes Timbuktu their capitol, Gao's importance declined

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  • Sonhai Empire
    • Gao Empire
      • Kukiya - The original capital of the Gao Empire, where Zawa dynasty founder Za Alayaman is said to have settled when he came from Yemem (near modern village of Bentiya on eastern bank of Niger River)
      • Gao
      • Gao-Saney Town close to Gao
        • Kukiya-Bentya - Oral history says this was the first capital of the Gao empire.

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