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Contains the first planet discovered by the Anglo-Australian Planet Search, which is also the first exoplanet whose Magnetic Field was observed. This Hot Jupiter is about the same mass as Jupiter and orbits once every thre days. It was found to have supersonic winds that caused the night side (not tidally locked) to be as hot as the day side. This system is also the first observed to have planet-induced stellar X-ray activity. Magnetic interaction causes a bright spot on its star at 30 degrees latitude.

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HD 179949 System In the NewsEdit

First Exoplanet Discovered By The Anglo-Australian Planet Search (Dec 2000)Edit

First Exoplanet Magnetic Field Detected (Jan 2004)Edit

Supersonic Wind Causes Uniform Temperature (2007)Edit

Planet-Induced Stellar X-Ray Activity Detected (2007)Edit

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