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J. Herschel 5173 is also known as Gl 783, HD 191408, HR 7703, CD-36°13940, DM-36°13940, and 279 G. Sagittarii. Nearby orange dwarf star with a red dwarf companion, currently separated by 43 AU. Herschel first published it as a binary star. It is heading towards the Sun and will be 6.7 ly away (compared to its current 19.9 ly) in 40,000 and will be 10 times as bright. It could be a member of the Old Disk, which implies an age of up to 10 Billion Years old, though rotational analysis suggests 6.4 to 7.7 BY. It is a tier 1 priority for searching for planetary companions by SIM. Has two optical companions which are not optically bound, which are themselves binaries, Gl 783.1 AB Gl 738.2 AB.

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