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Red dwarf 915 ly away containing 5 transiting planets found by Kepler. Most are near Earth-sized in the habitable zone and orbit within 1/3 of Mercury's distance. The planets are in resonance (including 2:3), suggesting they migrated inwards. A study believes that this is a typical red dwarf and that there are thus 100 billions of planets in the Galaxy, and probably closer to 200 Billion. It took the number of planets in this system, figured out how many such systems Kepler would be able to detect, and extrapolated the number of planets in the galaxy. One of 11 multi-planet systems discovered by Kepler in Jan 2012. Confirmed using transit timing variation.

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11 New Kepler SystemsEdit

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5 Planets Around Red Dwarf Extrapolated to 100 Billion Planets in Galaxy (Jan 2013)Edit

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