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A five planet system found by Kepler that contains two of the most Earth-like candidates. The star is somewhat cooler than the Sun (K class) and 1200 ly away in Lyra and older (7.4 BY). All planets were discovered at the same time. Planet b is 0.05AU and 1.3RE, c is 0.1AU and 0.54 RE, and d is 0.12 AU and 2.0 RE . Planet e is 60% larger than Earth and on the inner edge of the habitability zone (0.42 AU), and for a time had the highest Earth-Similarity Index. Planet f is 40% larger than Earth and in the middle of the habitable zone (0.7 AU). It is not known what effect not having a Jupiter-like planet would have on the habitability of this system.

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See also Kepler-69 System

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