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First ever seven planet system found by Kepler. System similarly somewhat structured like the Solar System (larger planets further away, smaller ones nearer, all in circular orbits). The primary star is similar to the Sun. Innermost c and b are presumably rocky Hot Earths (1.3 and 1.2 RE) and in 5:4 resonance. Three super Earths orbit at distances that span Mercury's varying distances and are in 1:2:4 resnance. Outermost two Jovians orbit at nearly exactly the same distance as Venus and Earth (Saturn and Jupiter sized planets) and likely in 5:8 resonance. Only the outermost planet is in the habitable zone. System had been scrutinized by Planet Hunters.

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Amateurs Spot 7th Planet (2014)Edit

See also Other 7-Planet Systems: HD 10180 System, Gliese 667 System (type-oh reference to GJ 887C)

System Confirmed with Similar Layout as Solar System (2014)Edit

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