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LP 881-64 is most commonly known as LHS 1070 and also as GJ 2005. Nearby mid-M red dwarf with two brown dwarf companions in Sculptor. System was first found to be within 10 parsecs in 1986. Brown dwarfs B and C were discovered in 1994 as part of a duplicity survey of nearby red dwarves, but were at first thought to be very low mass red dwarfs. They orbit around each other about once every 16 years, while they go around star A once every 60 to 1000 years. They were thought to be a useful testbed for atmospheres of late main sequence stars, so determining their masses was important. They were confirmed to be early L type brown dwarfs in 2012. Star D was discovered in 1999, but mass for it is undetermined, possibly because of its close separation, but also the star might not actually exist.

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