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The last glacial period in the current ice age. Has several names depending on geography, including Wisconsin Glaciation.

Last Glacial Period Web PagesEdit


  • Tarantian Age (126-11.7 TYA) - The Late Pleistocene. Defined as the beginning of the Eemian Interglacial until the end of the last glacial period of the last ice age.
    • Eemian Stage (130-114 TYA) - Last interglacial before Holocene. Thought to have been warmer than the Holocene.
    • Last Glacial Period (110-10 TYA) - The last glacial period in the current ice age. Has several names depending on geography, including Wisconsin Glaciation.
      • Event: Neanderthal Big Freeze (48 TYA) - A deep freeze unlike any other the Neanderthals had faced at 48 TYA. In a few decades, the North Atlantic froze over.
      • Event: Last Glacial Maximum (26.5-19 TYA) - Time during the Last Glacial Period where ice was at its greatest extent.
      • Oldest Dryast (18-15 TYA) - 
      • Event: Bølling Warming (14,650-14,310 YA) - Warming that gave rise to the Bølling-Allerød Interstadial, also known as Meltwater Pulse 1A. 1st of 9 pulses, the last which was 9000 YA. Precipitated by a collapse of ice shelves that caused a 14 meter rise in ocean levels and 15C rise in temperatures in a few tens of decades.
      • Bølling-Allerød Interstadial (14,700 to 12,700) - (Sometimes called the Allerød Oscillation for an area that the Bølling Oscillation does not occur. When it does, this period is sub-divided.) The last interstadial warming period in the last glacial period of the current ice age. The warming that preceded this caused ice sheet collapses that caused a sudden rise in ocean levels. The heat gains during this period were suddenly lost completely during the Big Freeze at the end.
        • Bølling Oscillation (14,500) - First warm part of the Bølling-Allerød Interstadial in areas where that is interrupted.
        • Older Dryas (14 TYA) - Brief colder period for a couple hundred years interrupting the Bølling-Allerød Interstadial, not detected in some areas (probably due to resolution).
        • Allerød Oscillation (Peaked at 13 TYA) - Global interstadial period following the Older Dryas for areas where the Bølling Oscillation interrupted the Bølling-Allerød Interstadial.
      • Younger Dryas (12.8 - 11.5 TYA) - Also called the Big Freeze or Youngest Dryas. Last cold period (stadial) before Holocene.

Last Glacial Period In the NewsEdit

Coral links ice sheet collapse to ancient mega-flood (14.6 TYA)Edit

Glaciers Broke Off Antarctic Earlier Than Thought (2014, 20,000/14,000 YA)Edit

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