File:"kof '97" Theme - Psyhco Soldier Remix '97 (Athena Asamiya)File:(Athena Asamiya Theme)Psycho Soldier Remix '96 Cover By Randy FenrirFile:360px-Robertgarcia.jpg
File:ATHENA ASAMIYA DIFERENTES VERSIONES.File:A Tribute to Athena Asamiya MVFile:Alexander The Great's (Macedon) Legacy - Hellenistic Civilization
File:Ancient India-Mauryan EmpireFile:Anime Amv Game - Chica Mala Numero. 6 (King Of Fighters)File:Aof000.png
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File:Asian Civilization-Part07-Mauryan Empire (321 - 185 BC)File:Asian Civilization-Part08-Kushan & Gupta Empires (100 BC - 600 AD)File:Asoka the Great Positive Theocracies Part 1(B)
File:Athena's MI2 EndingFile:Athena AsamiyaFile:Athena Asamiya's solo song
File:Athena Asamiya's victory songFile:Athena Asamiya - Princesa de los video juegos - Saga KOF.WMVFile:Athena Asamiya - Psychosoldier
File:Athena Asamiya EcchiX vs Kyo KusanagiFile:Athena Asamiya Purple Power Commercial.wmvFile:Athena Asamiya Tribute
File:Athena Asamiya pachislotFile:Athena Awakening from the ordinary life Capitulo 01 EXFile:Athena asamiya (psycho soldiers theme)
File:Athena asamiya destruye unos librosFile:Athena awakening from the ordinary lifeFile:Combos KOF 94-2002 "Forever Athena" Combo Movie (KOForever)
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File:Iranian Persian Civilization - Parthian Empire - Part 1 3File:KOF'2000 - Will (Psycho Soldiers Team Theme) OSTFile:KOF'98 - Psycho Soldiers Team Theme OST
File:KOF 94 China Theme Psycho SoldierFile:KOF 95 Athena's Team ThemeFile:KOF 97 Theme "Psycho Soldier Remix 97" ("Athena Asamiya") Arranged & Original!
File:KOF ATHENAFile:KOF Maximum Impact 2 Athena Asamiya PlaythroughFile:KOF~ Athena Asamiya Tribute
File:King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 PS2 Athena Asamiya's ProfileFile:King of Fighters Maximum Impact PS2 Athena Asamiya's Story Mode (Cutscenes Only)File:King of Fighters Maximum Impact PS2 Athena Asamiya Character Profile
File:KoF ~ Oh My Goddess Athena Asamiya!File:Kushana Empire Art of Buddhist Central AsiaFile:Kushana empire
File:Magadha Empire of Buddha's TimeFile:My love(athena asamiya)File:ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE MY WORLD-Athena Asamiya (Haruna Ikezawa)
File:Psycho Soldier ~Super Chinese Remix~-KOF2002UM OSTFile:T-O-A-D Toad's ThemeFile:TRIBUTO A ATHENA ASAMIYA 2002
File:TauCeti04.jpgFile:The International, Athena AsamiyaFile:The King of Fighters XIII Athena Asamiya
File:The King of Fighters XI - Kizudarake no Blue Moon (Athena Asamiya's Theme)File:The Kushan EmpireFile:The Kushan Empire - The Story of India - BBC
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File:Tribute Athena Asamiya (KOF) All Your Changes...File:Tribute Athena Asamiya K.O.F Psycho SoldierFile:Tribute KOF Athena Asamiya (Starlight In My Heart)
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