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Era that saw the development of sexual reproduction.

Mesoproterozoic Era Web PagesEdit


  • Proterozoic Eon (2.50-0.541 BYA) - Eon where there was abundant microbial life in an oxygenated atmosphere.
    • Neoproterozoic Era (1000-540 MYA) - Era from which we have the first multicellular fossils.
    • Mesoproterozoic Era (1.6-1.0 BYA) - Era that saw the development of sexual reproduction.
    • Paleoproterozoic Era (2.5–1.6 BYA) - Era that saw the Great Oxygenation Event, followed by the first Snowball Earth period.
      • Statherian Period (1.8-1.6 BYA) - Period that marked the beginning of the "Boring Billion" years, where oxygen levels dropped and evolution stagnated.
        • Event: Boring Billion (1.8-0.75 BYA) - Period where oxygen levels dropped and continued to decline and evolution stagnated. During this time, the Earth remained warm with no glaciations, despite supercontinent formation and breakup. The period shows unprecedented and unrepeated stability. Starts with development of Eukaryotes and ends with their diversification. Plate tectonics were stable during this time (little destruction of crust) and restarted at the end.

Mesoproterozoic Era In the NewsEdit

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