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Musica (18 Delphinis) A 5.5 Magnitude Yellow Giant Star 238 ly away with a planet (Arion) over 10 MJ at 2.6 AU and located just interior to the habitable zone. The planet is one of three planets around GK clump giants found by a Japanese observatory in 2008. One of the first 20 exoplanet systems allowed to be given common names by the IAU. Star named for the latin word for music while the planet is named after a Greek poet and musician associated with a Dolphin.

My ThoughtsEdit


Well, it's in the dolphin constellation, discovered by Japanese.

  • Arion - a greek man with an association with a dolphin

I win! (star name is still dumb)

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Musica System In the NewsEdit

Planets Discovered Around 3 Intermediate Mass Clump Giants (2008)Edit

See also Xi Aquilae System, HD 81688 System

Testing Engulfment Theory Around GK Clump Giants (2011)Edit

One of the Top 20 Exoplanetary Systems First Up For Naming (May 2015)Edit

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