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Sometimes called the first empire builders in India and the first to expand beyond Magadha. The Nanda Dynasty started with an illegitimate son of the last Shishunaga dynasty emperor in 345 BC who inherited Magadha and defeated 10 of his others sons with other womens. His coronation is sometimes given as 364 BC, others 382 BC. It conquered much of India with a massive army. Never fought the armies of Alexander the Great, who mutinied upon the thought of facing a formidable foe. Ended in 321 BC when conquered by Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire, who had been insulted by the Nanda rulers and led a guerrila uprising against the dynasty and overthrew it.

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Asian Civilization-Part06-Indian Republics & Kingdoms (600 Bc - 180 BC)-001:13:24

Asian Civilization-Part06-Indian Republics & Kingdoms (600 Bc - 180 BC)-0

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