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Free floating planet 80 light years away found in 2013. With an estimated mass of as low as 6 Jupiters, it is the first confirmed free floating planet which could not be a brown dwarf. Discovered by the Pan-STARRS wide field telescope in Hawaii. Probably a member of the Beta Pictoris Moving Group. Its mass, temperature, and color are much more similar to photographed planets found in star systems than other free floating objects, which are more like low mass L Brown Dwarves. Discovered during a Pan-STARRS 1 search for brown dwarves, in which it stood out as by far the reddest of the bunch. It is easier to study than imaged planets in star systems, since there is no glare from a star to interfere.

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See also TMR-1C System, OTS 44 System, HR 8799 System

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