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One of two orders of dinosaurs, the "Lizard hip" dinosaurs.

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  • Class Reptilia Reptiles - Class of egg-laying animals.
    • Order Saurischia
      • Superfamily Tyrannosauroidea (Tyrannosauroids) - Dinosaurs having the same basic form as a Tyrannosaur. Includes the T-Rex and several smaller feathered dinosaurs.
      • Superfamily Therizinosauroidea (Therizinosauroids) - Basal superfamily of theropod dinosaurs. Several are known to be feathered. The first group of non-carnivorous theropods discovered.
      • Family Alvarezsauridae (Alvarezsaurs - Small (0.5-2.5 m) bipedal feathered dinosaurs known from Asia, North and South America. They had a bird-like skull, tiny teeth-carrying jaws, typical robust but considerably abbreviated forearms, and one of their manual digits that developed massive phalanges including enormous claw. They may have fed on colonial insects such as termites.

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