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[Boiler Plate]

Large moon of Saturn. May have had an ancient subsurface ocean which froze out when interaction with Dione subsided. Ithaca Chasma may have resulted with this freeze.

Tethys In The NewsEdit

Cassini Science in the NewsEdit

Plasma Detected From Dione and Tethys, Possible Volcanism (2007)Edit

See also Dione

Tethys Used to Have a Subsurface OceanEdit

See also Dione

  • Tethys' ocean thought to be due to encounter with Dione, which made its orbit more eccentric, causing tidal stress
  • Tethys' ocean then froze when the interaction with Dione subsided, which caused the [Ithaca Chasma]].

Evidence of Frozen Salty Ocean (Jun 2011)Edit

See also Dione, Tethys

Cassini Photography in the NewsEdit

Rhea Flyby (Jan 2011)Edit

See also Rhea, Dione, Epimethius

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