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The nearest binary brown dwarf system to the sun, also known as Luhman 16AB. This is the closest star system (6.6 ly) discovered since Barnard's Star in 1916 (6 ly). Discovered in the infrared by the WISE survey, and then found in older photos where it would have been due to its high proper motion across the sky. Object B became the first brown dwarf to have its surface mapped by analyzing changes in brightness as clouds rotated into view. It has a complex structure of patchy clouds made of droplets of iron and other minerals with temperatures in the clouds exceeding 1000C. They have a mass of about 30-50 Jupiters and orbit around each other every 20 years. May contain a planet detected by astrometry, and candidate for nearest exoplanet, possibly detected due to perturbations in the orbits of the brown dwarves.

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