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Planets detected with light data collected by the XO Telescope, which was made by Peter McCullough with commercialy available parts. Amateur and professional astronomers cooperate to find these planets.

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Example SystemsEdit

  • XO-1 System (May 06) -
  • XO-2 System - Contains a transiting planet. The planet is a little more than half Jupiter's mass, but is inflated to just above its radius. It was the first planet found to have Potassium detected, which is an element long thought to a dominant source for opacity in hot Jupiters.
  • XO-3 System (May 07) - Planet is the first transiting object with mass on the borderline between being a planet and a Brown Dwarf. The largest known planet in a torch orbit at time of its discovery. Found to be inclined to its star 37degrees, while every other torch planet aligns with their star's equator. Heat received from star varies three-fold due to its eccentricity. Larger than models predict. Has a temperature inversion in its stratosphere.
  • XO-4 System (May 07) - System that contains an inflated Hot Jupiter.
  • XO-5 System (May 07) - Contains a transiting planet.
  • XO-6 System (May 07) - Contains a transiting planet.

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